Welcome to Frameless Glass Systems Ltd

Welcome to Frameless Glass Systems Ltd, the specialists in the design, manufacture, procurement and installation of frameless glass and aluminium glazing systems.

The FGS17 Ultraslim glass sliding door system

Frameless Glass Systems Ltd proudly presents the FGS17Ultraslim glass sliding door system. We both manufacture and install the FGS17 for a range of applications.

Open up and brighten your home with an innovative frameless glass solution. The Ultraslim glass sliding door system is the perfect way to complete your contemporary or minimalist home design, giving you a clear and uncluttered feel.

Alternatively, our glass sliding door products offer you the perfect way to open up and lighten your period property, whilst adding a unique twist.

Experts in frameless glass home products

Frameless Glass Systems Ltd has over 50 years in the glazing industry, always being at the forefront of innovation and design advancements. During this time, we’ve earned an enviable reputation for consistently providing a high quality and efficient customer service.

Our expert team deliver brilliant results every time, making us the home glazing company of choice for a large number of architects, homeowners, property developers and builders.

A complete glass home design service

When you improve your home with Frameless Glass Systems Ltd, our glaziers and project managers will offer you expertise throughout the entire process.

This high level of expertise and knowledge allows us to effectively install glass products such as our frameless glass sliding doors with ease.

For more inspiration or information on our range of glass products and projects, please contact us or call +44 (0)117 259 1222.